Make Your Clothes Last Longer


An obstructed or clogged dryer vent can cause a buildup of heat in the dryer, which can damage or ruin clothing. That favorite go-to-work-from-home outfit could last through many more Zoom meetings if your dryer is working properly. If you have to run your clothing through multiple drying cycles to compensate for poor dryer performance caused by blockages in the dryer vent line, your clothes will suffer the consequences. Clothing fibers can break apart or fray more quickly than if heat was properly expelled from the dryer and clothes were dried in the minimum or normal amount of time.


By removing any lint, debris, or obstructions from the dryer vent line, regular airflow will be restored and the dryer will function more efficiently. In turn, your clothing will take less wear and damage per cycle, and will ultimately last longer!

Clogged dryer vents can damage or ruin clothing. To start saving your clothing from excessive wear, call us or schedule a service today.

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"Highly Recommend"

“I highly recommend Dryer Vent Squad! I have a feeling they saved my house from burning down, it was really bad without even knowing that this was a service I needed. I am glad I saw one of your pamphlets and super glad i acted upon it and called you.”

Amy G - Chadwick lake, GA

"Best Customer Service"

“Excellent service! Best customer service I have ever received! My dryer vent had a huge blockage. The Dryer Vent Squad associate was at my home for 3 hours clearing this blockage. He made sure that my dryer vent was clear of all lint and safe to use. Very professional. Super great job. I will definitely be using the Dryer Vent Squad again – every year – to ensure my dryer vent is cleaned out and my dryer is safe to use.”

Denise D - Horsham, PA

"Look No Further Than Dryer Vent Squad"

“If you need clean dryer vents, look no further than Dryer Vent Squad. They came on time, did the work and also gave me some helpful hints. Both my husband and I feel the difference in the air already. Thanks so very much!”

Barbara D - Toms River, NJ