Eliminate Mold Issues


You might associate mold with your washer, but mold can be a health hazard related to your dryer as well. Clogged vents can encourage mold growth inside the vent line and in your laundry room, producing odor and health concerns. Vent lines that don’t exhaust outdoors also lead to mold growth wherever the exhaust vents.

One of the most important functions of a dryer vent system is the elimination of moisture during the drying process. A full load of wet clothes placed in a dryer contains about a half-gallon of water. A clean and properly installed dryer vent is critical to ensuring that water is fully expelled outdoors during the dry cycle. If the moisture isn’t escaping through the dryer vent for any reason, it can cause mold growth in the home or business.

Mold growth in homes can lead to structural damage, and health problems. Mold spores released into the air can increase or bring on symptoms of respiratory issues, such as asthma, and it can induce allergic reactions. In order to prevent these issues, it is necessary to address the source of the moisture buildup immediately.


Clogs – If your dryer vent is clogged, moisture can condense into pools of water in the dryer vent. It then mixes with excess lint, creating a maché that sticks to the vent walls. This not only clogs the vent further, but also creates perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow.

Leaks – Lint buildup is also a common cause for dryer vent leaks and mold growth. If a vent is clogged and the moisture cannot pass through, it will often begin to leak out of vent joints or cracks. This not only means there is water accumulating inside the vent, creating the ideal conditions for mold growth within, but water or moisture escaping into the laundry room and home can facilitate mold growth outside of the vent line as well.


Dryer Vent Squad’s dryer vent cleaning process ensures proper ventilation and airflow. Removing clogs and lint build-up eliminates potential mold issues in your dryer vent. Call us or schedule an appointment for dryer vent cleaning and eliminate mold issues today.


DO NOT use vinyl or slinky foil materials for dryer vents.

Dryer vents made from flexible plastic or foil can be easily kinded or crused, restricting airflow. The ridges in vinyl and slinky materials can also catch excess lint, creating an increased fire risk. If a dryer fire should occur, these materials quickly spread fire.

DO NOT use PVC piping or plastic materials for dryer vents.

  • Static in PVC and plastic venting causes lint to stick to the inside of the vent walls which can mix with the expelled water during a typical dry cycle, creating sludge, clogs, and an increased risk of a fire.
  • PVC sweats when warm, moist air travels through the cool smooth surface, causing lint to collect and harden, making cleanings more difficult.
  • PVC takes longer to heat up allowing water to remain in vapor form inside the pipe. The water along with the buildup of link, creates sludge in the vent.

DO NOT use duct tape to connect venting materials.

The adhesive eventually dries out, especially due to temperature changes, creating gaps in the joints of the vent.

DO NOT use screws or bolts to secure joints.

Screws and bolts act as lint collectors inside the vent wall, increasing fire risk.

DO NOT terminate dryer vents in crawl spaces or attics.

Dryer vents that terminate in crawl spaces or attics allow for moisture to deposit and encourage mold growth. Dryer vents must terminate outside of the building.

DO NOT use cages or screens to prevent pests from entering.

Pest cages or screens can cause lint build-up which creates a fire hazard and reduces the dryer's efficiency.

DO NOT ignore signs indicating that your clothes dryer is not operating properly.

Watch for warning signs that indicate you have a clogged or obstructed dryer vent and a potential fire risk in your home.

DO call your local Dryer Vent Squad

if your dryer ventilation system incorporates any of the "don'ts" above to schedule service resulting in a safer and more efficient dryer in your home or business.

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“Excellent service! Best customer service I have ever received! My dryer vent had a huge blockage. The Dryer Vent Squad associate was at my home for 3 hours clearing this blockage. He made sure that my dryer vent was clear of all lint and safe to use. Very professional. Super great job. I will definitely be using the Dryer Vent Squad again – every year – to ensure my dryer vent is cleaned out and my dryer is safe to use.”

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