Dryer Vent Cleaning

Let the Professionals Clean Out Dryer Vents

Most homeowners don’t have the tools, equipment, or time to clean their dryer vents regularly. That’s where we come in. Dryer Vent Squad of Monmouth County has the expert training and high-tech air tools to carefully clean your vents and make certain that they are clean, clear, and returned to their proper condition.

How to Know It’s Time for Your Laundry Vent Cleaning

Are your dryer loads taking longer and longer to complete? Do you have to run your dryer more than once to get your clothes dry? The problem may not be your dryer, but a dirty vent. Regular cleaning of your dryer vent removes the lint build-up inside and can save you time and money on energy costs.

Regular Dryer Cleaning Service

Remembering to clean out your dryer vent is one of those household tasks that’s easy to forget. Fortunately, Dryer Vent Squad can keep track of your regular cleanings for you. You’ll never have to worry about remembering when the last time your vent was cleaned, how much time and energy your wasting on long dryer cycles, or all that extra wear and tear on your dryer. If you’ve noticed your loads are taking longer to get done, it takes more than one cycle to dry, or if it’s been more than one year since your last vent cleaning, call the Dryer Vent Squad of Monmouth County today!

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