See what some of our customers have to say about their Dryer Vent Squad experience!

“They showed up on time, they were friendly, knowledgeable and got the job done! Great service and will definitely use them again!”
– Becca L, Eiber, CO

“I recommend Matt and Dryer Vent Squad. Matt was efficient, professional and friendly! He came as promised, did what was promised and charged what was promised! Thank you for a job well done !!!”
– Jeff D, Green Mountain, CO

“I appreciate an honest professional!  This was pretty simple, I called Matt on Monday, scheduled it for Tuesday and did the job as agreed upon, and i was very happy with the entire process. Thank you matt!”
– Adam H, Lake Crest, CO

“Outstanding job Dryer Vent Squad! Thanks for dealing with the birds in the vent and taking care of them in a professional manner”
– Chava I, Denver, CO

“My wife and I (in our 80’s) are retired and have had many people trying to take advantage of us before, but not these guys, they were polite, honest, courteous and very pleasant to deal with. Keep up the great work!”
– Aaron S, Applewood, CO

“Matt not only did a great cleaning of the dryer vent, but he also cleaned up around the wash machine & dryer and showed me some great tips for a cleaner laundry room”
– Rose E, Golden Pines, CO