Lint Screen and Lint Trap Cleaning

Get Your Lint Screen and Lint Trap Professionally Cleaned Once a Year

A dryer lint trap is a removable wire mesh filter designed to catch lint and clothing fibers that escape during the drying cycle. The trap keeps the lint and fluff from becoming stuck in the dryer’s exhaust hose. Although most homeowners know to clean the lint trap after each dryer use, repeated use results in a buildup of oils and residue that can clog the lint trap screen. Next time Dryer Vent Squad visits your home for service, ask about our professional dryer lint trap cleaning.

cleaning the dryer lint trap

On top of a buildup in the lint screen, lint can also be pushed around edges of a lint trap into the dryer cavity, causing a serious fire hazard. The lint screen should be thoroughly cleaned periodically to maintain dryer efficiency and safety.

Dryer Vent Squad includes dryer lint screen, lint trap and appliance cavity cleaning as part of our maintenance services. This small step results in big savings on energy bills, helps your dryer work more efficiently, and minimizes the risk of fire.

Dryer lint trap cleaning experts

Professional dryer lint trap cleaning is a simple way to improve the efficiency and safety of your dryer. Schedule your dryer vent cleaning service today, and we’ll perform our professional dryer lint screen cleaning service.