The Importance of Dryer Vent Line Sanitizing

Remove Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses for a Cleaner Home

Cleaning a dryer vent involves more than just removing lint and debris. Like any other surface in your home, bacteria, viruses and fungi can find their way into dryer vents and spread. Unfortunately, dryer vents can make homey nests for unwanted animals. Bird and rodent nests are often found in dryer vents during the cleaning process. On top of being fire hazards, obstructing airflow, and collecting other debris, they are unhygienic. Droppings found in nests or left behind can also contain the Histoplasmosis Fungi and/or the Hantavirus.

Cleaning a dryer vent with birdnest

Dryer Vent Squad technicians can safely remove nests and debris, while also considering unseen hazards left behind. Wherever an animal nest or source of potentially harmful bacteria is found, our technicians will administer our professional dryer vent line sanitization. To keep your vent system clean and free of animals and bacteria, our technicians can also install pest-proof guard covers.

Cleaning a dryer vent can be dangerous, Dryer Vent Squad are the pros

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